Walk2Connect Walk and Talk Series: Finding Hope in the Midst of Climate Change

February 18 The Facts Let's get a handle on the problem, the prognosis, and any questions you've been wanting to ask.

March 18 The Psychology Climate grief comes in different stages, just like any other loss. Let's look at what that means for us and for others.

April 15 The Hope There's a lot of good news happening and reasons for hope. Near the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, let's find our optimism.

May 20 Being the Change Let's learn about all the actions you can take as an individual, from car buying to energy to recycling.

August 19 Parenting Resilient Kids What we tell our children and how we can help them to thrive in a world so different from ours.

September 16 New Ideas: Redefining Progress This new world calls for redefining what we mean by success and progress.

October 21 New Ideas: Sharing Economies From borrowing libraries to local currencies, there are ways people are getting away from capitalism.

November 18 New Ideas: Energy, Microgrids What does a fossil free energy system look like and how is it different.

December 16 New Ideas: Permaculture By caring differently for our plants and soil, we can build the resilience of our food system.

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