Grief Circles

I am convinced that this loss of certainty that there will be a future is the pivotal psychological reality of our time. The fact that it is not talked about very much makes it all the more pivotal, because nothing is more preoccupying or energy-draining than that which we repress.

— Joanna Macy

We host Grief Circles in two forms - online in our Facebook group, and walking in and around Denver, CO. 

Circles form around particular topics or pieces of news that get overwhelming. When an event sends multiple people back from their acceptance grief stage to their anger stage or their depression stage, it’s time for a grief circle. 

Circles are safe spaces - all rage is forgiven, all profanity is excused. But no abuse of others is tolerated.

If we don’t take time to vent, to share our emotions, we get stuck in those non-productive grief stages.

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