Our Favorite Stories of 2019

One of our resilience strategies is to find positive or inspiring stories, and share them using familiar language.. This is a tough time to be a planet parent, and humans are good at hearing the negative and losing the positive. So we have to intentionally find these stories that keep us motivated and moving, and we connect them with these themes. These are the the most popular stories for some of our key themes in 2019.

1. Youth Who Will Save Us If We Let Them

Our favorite story this year was Tristán Queriot Rodríguez Vélez, who is fighting hard for his beloved Puerto Rico. Tristan exemplifies everything that is excellent about the youth climate movement.

2. Environmental Art

Our environmental at could be poems, music, visual, sculpture. Sometimes it’s depictions of nature, sometimes it’s expressions of what we feel, and sometimes it’s art created in and by nature. Our favorite story is about a snow artist who is coming to Colorado soon. 

3. Pocket of Hope

We need these stories of lost species found, of conservation victories, of discoveries and rediscoveries. Our favorite was the Starry Night Toad, and it's completely understandable. Its one of the most beautiful creatures we saw this year.

4. Heroes to Know

In the summer of 2019, divers cleaned up the ocean floor at Deerfield Beach, Florida. We need to know that were not alone, that people are out there fighting to save the world they love. We need heroes to keep us motivated.

5. Its All Connected

These stories are about how interconnected the climate crisis is with everything else in our lives. This is true of the problems it causes, but also true of the solutions we can create. Our favorite was about farming under solar panels, which saves the farmers water but also provides them with a source of income and energy.. It gave us a glimpse of the world that could be, and that made us happy. 

6. Everything We Need Is Here Already

We have an amazingly complicated world, full of ways to solve problems and apply nature to solutions. This year, we loved the story of creating 'pocket prairies' in Houston to help manage flooding. 

7. Centering Indigenous Knowledge

Our favorite 'centering indigenous knowledge' story is also a 'youth who will save us if we let them' post. And that works. We need to listen to indigenous people, and to youth. And she's got it all. Listening to this young woman could be key to all of our survival.

8. Welcoming All The Stories

This theme is about welcoming the people and perspectives that don't fit the mold, that come from places or politics that are unexpected. This year, we loved the story of the engineers in Australia who have decided they can't support fossil fuel industry growth.

9. Daily Awe

Finally, our favorite 'daily awe' was a  collection of photos of crown shyness in trees. I think we are a group of mostly introverts, and we deeply relate to crown shyness. And we all need to look up more. 

We need to look up, and we need to look around. There are reasons to keep going, keep fighting, keep connecting with each other and the world around us.

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