From Our Members

Parents for the Planet keeps me aware that I can do more.

- Tina N.

I met Rhiannon, the founder of Parents for the Planet a few years ago on a community walk. Out of all the things people shared on that walk, it was Parents for the Planet that stood out. It was and is rooted in celebrating what works in the world, in nature, climate and beyond, while also helping us believe and act more towards the world we want to co-exist in. The concept is simple and yet barely executed in other organizations that rely solely on confrontational activism to push needles forward. Parents for the Planet is a safe space to celebrate what works, discuss what seems to not be working and even grieve together when bad news makes its way into our day-to-day lives.    It is a force of good in an increasingly negative world. I would and do choose to invest in the success of it as it grows.

- Nicole H.

I first became aware of Parents for the Planet at a meeting at one of my Senator's offices.  A small group of constituents met with a staffer assigned to the environment.  Although the staffer was very polite, it seemed that our pleas for government encouragement of environmental responsibility were falling on deaf ears.  I am grateful to Parents for the Planet for keeping me engaged, for giving me solid information that I can share with those who may not be as committed to environmental causes as I am, and for providing creative, interesting posts to inspire my children.

- Afton S.

These are major reasons why I need Parents for the Planet. My grandchildren will never see a countryside filled with swallowtails and fritillaries and meadowlarks, ladies tresses and Carolina jasmine, foxes and praying mantises, like the land where I grew up. I hope they will have some remnants of the rich natural world I have known. Parents for the Planet reminds me that I'm not alone; good people are creatively working to slow down and maybe even reverse the climate change that is stealing our beautiful world. Parents for the Planet gives me hope.

- Dr. Holly C.

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