If you wake up at 3 am and worry about your planet’s future, you’re a planet parent.

If you feel like most people aren’t appreciating your planet’s gifts and aren’t treating it as well as it deserves to be treated, you’re a planet parent.

If you love bragging about the beauty, diversity, and complexity of your planet, you’re a planet parent.

We are a network of human parents, grandparents, pet parents, plant parents and general all-around nurturers. We believe that it’s time to parent our planet, together. She’s been pretty good to us for a long time, we’re ready to return the love.

Together, we:

1. Find and share the good news, the innovations, and the great stories about the people fighting to save our planet

2. Gather to grieve, to rant, to mourn and to find companionship in our concern for the future of our planet and our species

3. Look for a range of ways to take action, from the traditional rallies, marches, and petitions to investments, education, citizen science, and fun activities.

4. Build our resilience and the resilience of our communities by changing how we relate to the world and to each other.

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